Reading Projects

1. What kind of book can students present?

  • Any book a student enjoys and is at his/her reading level
  • Fiction or non-fiction books; narrative, informational, or persuasive writing
  • Books in any language -- We have had books presented in Arabic, French, Spanish and other languages in the past!
  • For younger students still learning to read, any book they enjoy being read to is also welcome!

2. What information should I include on my storyboard display?

There are many elements that good authors use to write great books -- Share some that you felt were most important. For example:

  • Why is the title significant or well-chosen?
  • Is the author also the illustrator?
  • Who are the main characters, or what are the main ideas?
  • What characters or ideas did you find surprising, fun, interesting, or unique?
  • How does the author want you to feel when you are reading this book? How does the author convey tone or importance?
  • Is there a conflict, a problem, or a key issue in the book?
  • Is there a solution to the conflict, or a suggestion for readers?
  • Who would you recommend this book to?
  • How would you rate this book (how many stars from 1 to 5)? Why?

3. How can I make my presentation more interesting?

  • Many presenters dress up as a character from their book
  • You could make items that relate directly to your book and display them in front of your storyboard