ES Library and Innovation Lab


The library is considered the hub of student learning at ACS. Because we believe that reading is vital, curiosity inspires exploration, and information literacy is critical, our school libraries cultivate inclusive, vibrant environments that are central to the social and academic life of the ACS community.

We do this by:

  1. Supporting the curriculum at ACS.

  2. Fostering a love of reading.

  3. Encouraging critical thinking and research skills through information literacy instruction.

  4. Providing a comfortable atmosphere for reading, study, and research for our community members.

ACS librarians work with teachers to help students develop a love of literature and to ensure that students learn the necessary research skills to be successful in school.

ACS parents are always welcome to visit the library and borrow materials.


KG1: 1 book

KG2 to Grade 2: 2 books

Grade 3: 3 books

Grade 4: 3 books

Grade 5: 3 books

Parents: 10 books

If a child does not return library books on their library day, they must return the overdue books before they can take new books home.