Mini Vipers

Mini Vipers, the Elementary after school recreation program, provides students in KG1 to Grade 5 with an extensive menu of options for deepening skills in the areas of visual arts, athletics, music, literacy, service, robotics, nutrition, creativity, and collaboration with others.

There are generally four Mini Viper rotations during the school year with differing selections for each quarter.  Some activities, such as Elementary Student Council, Battle of the Books, Roots and Shoots, and Elementary Choirs will extend beyond one quarter so that student participation may be even deeper and more enriching.  About three weeks before each round of Mini Vipers begin, a form is sent electronically to parents to request that they indicate the activities that most interest their child.  Using this information, student lists are created for each activity and a final roster is sent out the week prior to beginning activities.

Paid Mini Viper classes are offered through our outside providers.  Fees for these activities must be paid in the ES Office one week prior to the activity launch.

First Session of Mini Vipers

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Second Session of Mini Vipers

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Third Session of Mini Vipers

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