Field Trips

Field trips serve an important purpose in the Elementary learning journey. Classroom learning is complemented and made more significant by external learning experiences, providing students with greater understanding of the world around them and a deeper self-knowledge.

Animals and Habitats

Students enjoy hands on educational and fun activities. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort aims to create a connection between members of the community with natural animal life and the environment, as well as encouraging children to preserve the environment and instilling in them the values of animal welfare from a young age.

Art - Children's Museum

The experience of learning is at the heart of the Children's Museum. Centrally located across two floors, this specially designated section of Louvre Abu Dhabi hosts family-focused exhibitions and interactive workshops in Arabic and English. The aim is to inspire young minds by teaching children about artistic techniques and ideas.

Exploring Our Neighborhood

This is related to the Buildings around us and provides the perfect opportunity to explore buildings in the neighborhood and their purposes. Students identify differences in structure and design accompanied by parent volunteers.

Abu Dhabi Children's Library

While at the library, students have the opportunity to listen to a read-aloud and then participate in a song and craft. Students will also be able to tour the library and visit the Arts Center.

Students are introduced to this wonderful resource which supports early literacy skills in Abu Dhabi. The theme of the day is literary exploration -- Discovering the books that inspire us!

Abu Dhabi Observatory

At the Observatory, students will have the opportunity to gaze into space and visit a planetarium where they will be presented educational and entertaining shows about astronomy and the night sky.

Marina Mall

In examining the costs and benefits associated with making decisions about spending and saving money, students should be able to develop an explanation with evidence to answer the compelling question “What choices do we make with our money?”. At Marina Mall, students will have a set amount of money that they can spend on various items they identify as a need vs a want.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

As part of the Next Generational Science Standards, students are curious about the world we live in. The Abu Dhabi Science Festival provides students with an opportunity to apply their Curiosity and engage in some hand-on science investigation and experimentation. Plus, they get to see things jump, change color, make noise, and explode!

Mushriff Park

A trip to the park helps us explore how animals and plants rely on each other to live and grow. Students investigate what plants need in order to survive and grow.

Abu Dhabi Mangroves

How do plants and animals depend on each other? How does being in a group affect an animal's ability to survive? How are animal groups the same and how are they different? What has been the human impacts on the natural environment around us?

Guided by Ecoventure experts, students explore the flora and fauna of the Eastern Mangroves to get up close and personal with the organisms they've studied in class. (no swimming or kayaking involved)

Desert Studies and Survival

Just how important is water, anyway? What actually lives in the deserts that surround Abu Dhabi? What does it mean to work as a team?

Experienced Ecoventure guides take our students on a day trip into the Abu Dhabi desert

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Wadi Adventure

As they prepare for much more extensive trips in Middle School, our Grade 5 students have taken on ropes, waves, meals, and the nighttime routines of Wadi Adventure. This Ecoventure run experience focuses on the ACS Core Value of Courage and teaches students how to work together, overcome challenges, and find the very best of themselves. It also produces memories that last a lifetime...

Looking forward to these adventures coming back soon!