Advocacy Projects

How will you help make the world a better place?

At ACS, Service Learning is one of our Core Pillars. We believe in learning about the needs of the world and then taking informed action. There are many opportunities for service learning, community service, ecological responsibility, and advocacy for important issues that impact the world.

Some of the possible areas for advocacy projects could include:

  • Sharing your learning from Roots and Shoots

  • Encouraging environmentalism through actions like reducing/reusing/recycling, beach or park clean-ups, or proper waste disposal

  • Interviewing local community members

  • Proposing or running focussed campaigns to help others (locally or internationally) satisfy their basic needs

  • Support efforts to feed or rescue animals

  • Investigate issues around nutrition and physical health

In many ways, advocacy projects follow the same learning process as a research project or personal improvement project. Check out the suggested steps below: