KG1 Literacy

Creative Curriculum


  • Demonstrates phonological awareness, phonics skills, and word recognition:

    • Notices and discriminates rhyme

    • Notices and discriminates alliteration

    • Notices and discriminates discrete units of sound

    • Applies phonics rules and knowledge of word structure to decode text

  • Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet

    • Identifies and names letters

    • Identifies letter-sound correspondences

  • Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

    • Uses and appreciates books and other texts

    • Uses print concepts

  • Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

    • Interacts during reading experiences, book conversations, and text reflections

    • Uses emergent reading skills

    • Retells stories and recounts details from informational texts

    • Uses context clues to read and comprehend texts

    • Reads fluently

  • Demonstrates writing skills

    • Writes name

    • Writes to convey meaning

    • Writes using conventions



  • Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

    • Attends and engages

    • Persists

    • Solves problems

    • Shows curiosity and motivation

    • Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

  • Remembers and connects experiences

    • Recognizes and recalls

    • Makes connections

  • Uses classification skills

  • Uses symbols and images to represent something not present

    • Thinks symbolically

    • Engages in socio-dramatic play

Hand Writing Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears provides students with the explicit, direct instruction and purposeful practice they need to master handwriting and automaticity.

Handwriting Without Tears engages multiple modalities to bring learning to life. Multi sensory activities and manipulatives appeal to all learning styles and provide a hands-on approach to handwriting. We help students develop writing skills through explicit multi-sensory, play-based instruction. Students move, touch, feel, and manipulate real objects as they learn the correct habits and skills that are essential for fluid writing.

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