KG1 Numeracy

Creative Curriculum


  • Uses number concepts and operations

    • Counts

    • Quantifies

    • Connects numerals with their quantities

    • Understands and uses place value and base ten

    • Applies properties of mathematical operations and relationships

    • Applies number combinations and mental number strategies in mathematical operations

  • Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes

    • Understands spatial relationships

    • Understands shapes

  • Compares and measures

    • Measures objects

    • Measures time and money

    • Represents and analyzes data

  • Demonstrates knowledge of patterns



  • Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

    • Attends and engages

    • Persists

    • Solves problems

    • Shows curiosity and motivation

    • Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

  • Remembers and connects experiences

    • Recognizes and recalls

    • Makes connections

  • Uses classification skills

  • Uses symbols and images to represent something not present

    • Thinks symbolically

    • Engages in socio-dramatic play