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Important Information for All Elementary Parents:

Using the links above your child will find rich resources that can be used to support curiosity, provide balance, and deepen learning. As you can see, these resources cover areas such as creativity, language, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and personal wellness.

The Best Path to Success...

It’s important to remember the lessons provided by educational research. The single behavior that is consistently connected to rich and sustained academic success is that of reading. Whether it’s reading for pleasure or reading for curiosity, the habit of selecting, reading, and talking about books is directly related to deeper comprehension and critical thinking skills. If you won’t have access to physical books, you can access digital reading resources such as (Username: acsabudhabi; Password: books) or EPIC (

Learning by Choice -- Driven by Passion

If your child is motivated by developing a personal passion project (most kids are!), please visit our ACS Elementary Home Learning pages. These resources may provide just the spark your child needs to get excited about diving into a new topic and sharing their learning with others.

Don't Forget to Unplug!

Finally, while the internet is a treasure trove of discovery and learning, make sure to actually schedule time for your child to unplug. There is an increasingly robust body of research that highlights the cognitive and emotional benefits of “down-time” for children in addition to the benefits of shared non-academic activities between children and their parents. Dust off the board game, play cards, explore outside if possible, exercise, or ask each other 20 questions -- Sometimes we need to gain back that which has been lost in an increasingly technologically-dominated world.