Passion Projects

Strategic Goal: Identify and implement curricular systems that provide student agency over what, where, how, and with whom they learn and how they demonstrate their learning

Learning is increasingly personalized

In modern education, one-size-fits-all activities are being replaced by student-driven learning opportunities that support specific areas of need and foster individual areas of passion. By reflecting on our personal learning journey, we strengthen it. By sharing it, we light the spark of curiosity and passion in others. This approach is a purposeful and important step on the path to empowering ACS students to "shape and define their future" (from the ACS Mission).

Passion Project Presentations

Sunday, October 17th to Tuesday, October 19th

We're bringing back passion projects!

This year, elementary students will have the opportunity to share and celebrate their passions and interests at our first Virtual Passion Project Presentation.

Passion Project Presentations:

  • should not exceed 5 minutes

  • should be pre-recorded and uploaded to the Passion Project Platform (Link coming soon)

These presentations will be open for viewing to the ACS Community during the dates of October 17, October 18 and October 19.

Below, you will find a few sets of supportive guidelines for presentations of various types, based on what has been prepared and shared in the past. The guidelines are designed to be helpful, but feel free to break the mold and share your creativity with the world!

Most importantly:

Explain what you learned

Explain how you learned it

Explain what you will do next / differently next time

"To teach is to learn twice."

-- Joseph Joubert

Ultimately, what do we want for our children?